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The weekly update

* I am extremely exhausted and better get to bed soon. Did not manage sleep properly this week.

* Ianto and Lester are in heat and trying to get to me all the time. Tonight they stay at a plastic aquarium I used to keep the bugs in, which now has water and food. I am sleeping tonight, without them running around on me, damnit!

* Cat project's doing good, the prof's mighty impressed indeed. Sadly, I need to get a big chunk of the work done and hasless than two weeks to do it. Also has a week to finish my bit of a lab report in plant physiology. The last lab report scored a 91%, yeah bitches!!

* I have a new icon which features my mood this past week. Too much time checkingout failblog and engrish etc. not enough time working on my uni stuff.

* Have started dating my boss. He he he. Not so bad, so far.
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Things are going good

Cleaned the room properly today. Usually I only clean the cage and swip the floor for rat poopoo unless its my turn to clean the whole house. I've decided I'm not going to live in a pigstye no anymore so I dusted, wiped, swiped and washed the room, besides the weekly cage cleaning and am now in a perfectly clean room.

Spot's eye's getting better. The wall of blood which has been covering the inside of her eye is breaking down and now only half of her eyeball is veiled. I think she's also starting to see in it again.
You have no idea what a gigantic relief it is for me, as I feared she might lose that eye. The medication helped a huge bunch and, now that it's almost a week since I got her to the vet, she's almost done with the meds, too. Though I'll stop the antibiotics, I'll keep giving her the pain killers until its over because she might still be in some sort of discomfort and it helps reducing any swelling which might accur and it's swelling that does damage to the vision.
She's got a checkup appointment with the vet on monday and I'm taking Liebgott with me to have his skin condition looked at and his breathing listened to. He's becoming an old man and needs a closer eye on his health, particularly since he's not the friendliest rat and mushing him by hand to check for lumps is not easy as it is for the other members of that gang.

Today on the weekend news I've seen a report on a group of ancient battle reenactors. Mostly russian-originated (predictable, really), they managed to create outfits and even armor and weaponry resembling that of bizentine knights and of jewish and roman soldiers from the great rebelion period. They were (sort of lamely) reenacting the battle of Mesada (minus the suicide bit, obviously) and practiced fighting techniques.
Mom and the news guy seemed very scornful, but I think it's endearing. Not only do these guys take studying history seriously, but they help preserve an aura of respect and essentiality to our people's history which is valueable, in my opinion. Quite a bunch of nerds, they are, but nerds are these days' salt of the earth.
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When it rains, it pours

Day from hell, and it isn't even over yet. I expect more things will go crappity before I hit the sack today.

It started when I woke up, went to put the laundry in the machine and discovered that yesturday's laundry was the last for the old girl; there was water all over the laundry room's floor and the machine's drum was full of water. So I whisked the water to the nearbye bathroom's gutter opening, cursing all along because I've got tuns to do today; it's my turn to clean the house, I've got to cook for the week and I've got to get ready for a lab on monday because I haven't got the time to do it tomorrow as I am working a double shift.

So I'm done with that and then I go into my room and discover that Spot, one of my horde, has a swolen eye full of blood. This is the point where I nearly faint. I call up my vets' emergency cell numbers, one goes automatically to the answering service and the other switches to said service after three rings....eventually, I got the number of an emergency clinic with an exotic animals specialist in a town relatively nearby, from my parents' cat vet. I rush there, panickingly, taking Liebgott with me because I suspect he has mites. The vet at the time looks at poor little Spot and says it's eye trauma, probably from a scratch and subscribes her with painkiller and antiseptic eye drops (which he has) and antibiotic eye drops (which he hasn't). While I put Spot in the carrier cage Liebgott gives me the bite of a lifetime and splits my nail halfway through the finger. The vet says he doubts she'll ever be able to see through that eye again ;___;
Then I start rushing around the three nearbye towns looking for a chemists' that's open (it's saturday, shops are closed for the shabbat) until I find one an hour and a half later.

This takes up all the morning and all I got to do was do all my laundry by hand. After lunch I find my good old MP3 player's gone to meet its maker so I can't listen to music while I bustle around the house to do the rest of the chores.

So, in three hours I managed to:
1. Clean the house.
2. Cook for the week.
3. Clean the fish bowl.
4. Give poor Spot her medicins again.
Am now knackered.

The problematic thing about Spot's meds is that I have to give her the antibiotics every six hours which means that for the rest of the week I'll need to drag her along everywhere I go to make sure she gets her meds on time. This means she'll go with me to work, to uni (I've already notified my lab coach that she's coming), everywhere...I'll modify the carrier cage to accomodate her and get her that harness waiting for me at the store. Mind you, I'll take her to the zoology garden, she'll like that. And I need to take her to the vet again for checkup on monday which means that I'll need to escape the lab before the end of it if it lasts for too long (notified the coach about that, too).

Oh, what a great preperation for kids this is *sigh* and I've still got to get back from work (around past midnight...) today and sit to prepare for the lab....brilliant.


can't. make. graphs. from. research. results. no. more. brain. burning. music. no. help.

Found some very nice articles about lab rat enrichment fail and an article about how to test the background emotional condition in lab rats. Excellent, Smithers, exxxxxcelleeeeeent.

Managed to burn my need to watch The Shield. Will now resume watching Monty Python and the rest of the bazillion stuff I downloaded (= 0ld sk00l Doctor Who's second season and piles on piles of The Sopranos). Oh, when will they upload Southland ;___; I need to hear my Cuddly's every other word getting beeped-over XXXD

Sleep, much needed

But there's a hot debate with three douchbags who don't realise how lucky they are to live now, in a democratic country, in a time when religions can't lawfully kill or torture you for your opinions. Must not slip back to drama days, but these people presented themselves as creatures of science and I naturally assume scientists are enough brain cells to think things straight.

I really need to get some proper sleep. I could have, but I procastinated with the rats. Damn those fuzzy little things for being too cute to not mush around a bit.

Also, I found a way to ask for soy milk in public caffes and restaurants without sounding like a flippant rightous prick. Also I realised that getting honey from bees isn't a very nice thing to do to them. So I'm going to use date honey. When I actually consume honey. Which I hardly do.

Right! Off to bed. Oh, tomorrow night there'll be a new Southland chapter *squee*

Last note: Defience isn't all it's carved up to be. The brothers had a sister....a sister who faught as hard as they did. A whole sister who vanished from the movie....guess a female relative would have made awkward all the 'forest wives' needing 'protection'. Dissappointing, this. The Pianist is still the best holocaust movie I've ever seen, even if the cello player didn't exist, the rest was perfect.
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Dude! Jennifer Love Hewitt dumped Ross McHotrat! Thought they were engaged or something...

Not that I'm big on celebrity gossip, but it's my Joe's scrawny ass that got dumped here.

Speaking of brothers, Southland Ep2 was nice. I'm not used to seeing Cuddly talk so much nor to him using such dirty language. Good lord, every second word that's coming out of the man's mouth is beeped over.
I'm amused the black detective's ex-BF is played by the same guy as Julian from The Shield. Particularly because Southland's about cops in LA, like The Shield XD

On a different note; I'm done with both lab report and book report. Fun for all.
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The big 80's post

In the comments to this post, I want you to post the videos of your favorite 80's songs. It started because I managed to find and download the song of this first video:

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Link this on your Flists, so more will post their favorites
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I've got a week and a half left to do all the bahzillion stuff I need to do this passover break. I'm procastinating. Daydreamed half the morning, downloaded torrents, now I'm posting this, just to get rid of it. I want to watch Southland so badly. I love cop dramas but the highlight of it is the faint hope Michael Cuddly will be doing something with a man onscreen. I know. Bad. I don't know how but I got to read some Jack/Tenth Doctor slash first thing in the morning and now my brain can't get that sort of thing out of it :p

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It's because I succumbed to a craving to watch Band of Brothers that my brain's like this. How bad of me.

I downloaded some torrents to: Spin City, Nip/Tuck, Standoff (told you my brain was bad). Probably I should also look for some Reeves and Mortimer torrents and Young Ones, too. I've got the videos of them all but...damn...haven't got a video player.
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Angelic Layer becomes a reality

It's been a while for me since I've been in the Clamp fandom but today I saw this and thought "OMG, Angelic Layer's, like, right across the corner!!11!". Yes, the traumas memories last long.
So here it is, there's a robot invented in Japan, called Asimo, that can be cntrolled by thought alone. They still don't dress them up in fancy stuff and Asimo can't highkick for the life of it but it's a step towards it.
Here's a video:

And here's the source.

And you know the next thing they'll be up to is a real persocom...
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Decisions, decisions, decisions

It's NOT the latest PETA nonsense. It's not. I hnestly believe and know we're omnivours, due to the size of our stomach and the forms of our teeth. I also know that humans developed their toolmaking and social structure around having meat in their diet and it's a shame to let ions of evolutions and cultural development go to waste BUT I don't believe we can keep our meat animals the way we do in modern day industries and know our seas are being overfished. SO I'm going to quit anything that comes from animals and isn't freerange. Isral has a nice small industry of freerange eggs so that's cool. But I now have milk and yogurt to finish, tuna and sauseges to give to the rats (I know they'l appreciate that one) and some broccoli, nuts, lentels and soy milk to get my paws on. I'm not touching tofu. I hate tofu. It tastes like rubber. Soy is kind of OK.

Also, due to the state of my not-big-enough-to-properly-exert-enough-nutrients-from-a-plant-only-diet-to-be-that-of-a-harbivour stomach I'm going to majorly cut back on the coffe, which will make me very sleepy as I have very little time to sleep.Trying to find proper previews to Southland, hopefully including Michael Cuddly kissing a man does not help.

Also I'm quitting the cigarettes. Again. Think I'll buy these things that are shaped like cigarettes but aren't and you inhale them and you still get nicotene, for when I need some time off what I do, time off I spent smoking so far. It'll be the third time I'll be trying to quit.

Maybe I'll feel physically and morally better now.

It's really not about that PETA bullshit.
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